January 26, 2009

1st Grade-Owl Moon

The 1st Grade students created artworks based on the book, "Owl Moon" by Jane Yolen and John Schoenherr. They worked on creating a collaged background of branches and the moon. Then they added the effect of snow with a toothbrush. Finally, each student created their wonderfully unique owl to perch on the branches.

2nd Grade-Jasper Johns Number Quilt

The 2nd Grade students created a brilliant numeric artwork through the study of Jasper Johns. We looked at examples of Johns' work and noticed how he was able to take ordinary things we look at everyday-like numbers-and turn them into beautiful artworks. Students enjoyed coming up with patterns and using their creativity to jazz up their number work. They are displayed in a quilt-like format to capture the viewer and draw him/her in.

3rd Grade-Egyptian Cats

The 3rd Grade students learned about the culture of Ancient Egypt (through a classic episode of Reading Rainbow). They learned about how cats were at one time worshipped and viewed as gods. Students enjoyed writing their names in (a loose) hieroglyphic translation as well as adding details that are characteristic of Egyptian artwork.

4th Grade-Jackson Pollock Weavings

The 4th Grade students learned about Abstract Expressionism through the work of American artist, Jackson Pollock. They used warm and cool colors in their paintings to achieve contrast within the weaving. Who knew you could get away with dripping and splattering paint in school?

January 23, 2009

5th Grade-Surreal Dreamscapes

The 5th Grade students learned about the surreal life of Spanish artist, Salvador Dali. They completed their own type of "Mad Lib", filling it in with all of the objects to be included in their artwork. These colorful landscapes come alive with all of the elements that make it seem like a zany dream.


This is an art blog.

The artwork on this blog has been created by students in 1st through 5th grade at Riverside Elementary. The idea is to have an accessible format for students, parents, friends, teachers and others to experience and enjoy the creative young mind.